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Higher Education

Drawing from our work with 50+ universities (including Russell Group and post-1992 institutions), and 20+ colleges, academies, and schools, we possess a deep understanding of the varied challenges facing employees in the education sector.

employee engagement for higher education, People Insight employee engagement for higher education, People Insight


“To the staff at St Mary’s, the name ‘People Insight’ means action, it means the employees are being listened to, and it means something’s going to happen with the words that they say”

Felicity Morath, Head of Learning and People Development, St Mary’s University

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employee engagement for higher education, People Insight

Elevating HR in the Education Sector

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the momentum of HR professionalism is propelling Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and colleges to the forefront of employee engagement.

The rewards are transformative: amplified loyalty, an unwavering commitment to your vision and values, and a huge boost to staff retention rates.

Embracing agile listening strategies

We’re not just about surveys – we’re about empowerment through innovation. Imagine having a clear roadmap for progress. Our HEI benchmarks stand unrivalled, offering insights that translate into action.

Whether you belong to the Russell Group, a post-92 institution, a London-based institute, or any grouping of your choosing, our benchmarks stand as an informative measure for your unique journey.

Higher Education Outstanding Workplace Award

Celebrating excellence in Higher Education

After partnering with over 70 HEI clients and fortified with an impressively robust sector benchmark, we are delighted to present our esteemed Higher Education Outstanding Workplace Award.

This coveted recognition commemorates exceptional employee engagement achievements, firmly rooted in the sector’s top quartile. It is a testament to the outstanding efforts undertaken to elevate the overall employee experience.


“I am very happy with the supportive and flexible service provided to the University by People Insight and would highly recommend People Insight to others within the sector.”

Adnan Bajwa, Head of OD and Engagement, London South Bank University

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“The relationship with People Insight has been personal, responsive and supportive – a true partnership. They are a great team, with a genuine, expert approach, and a real deep knowledge of the university sector which has been invaluable.”

Lisa Hughes, Employee experience specialist and lecturer, University of Surrey

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“The outputs of our staff engagement surveys have given us so much more than a one dimensional data set.  As well as the importance of knowing how our staff are feeling about their working life at Stamford, the results are influencing our strategic direction including digital and IT, internal communications and our approach to diversity and inclusion.”

Will Phelan, Principal, Stamford Endowed Schools

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“The iDeck is such a time saver! My team no longer have to pull together countless presentations. Line managers can do it easily and get on with sharing results and action planning with their teams.”

Sam White, OD Programme Advisor, London South Bank University

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“I chose People Insight as a survey partner because I wanted a more effective, participative, dynamic approach. Their flexible, action-oriented approach really fits with our way of working.”

Kay Rainsby, HR Director, Stamford Endowed Schools

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Why People Insight

PI platform

People Insight Platform

Our platform provides data-driven insights that are easy to understand, share, and act upon.

Become empowered to drive change effectively and take ownership of your transformation journey.

Practical expertise

Practical expertise

Create lasting change with support from our organisational psychologists.

From employee survey design, stakeholder engagement and alignment, to action and behaviour change facilitation.

Flexible support

Flexible support

Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or want us to take the reins, our platform equips you to create the ultimate survey.

No matter the support package you choose, our team stands ready as a dependable partner.

Decisons underpinned by data

Decisions underpinned by data

Trust that your decisions are based on rigorous data, with every survey underpinned by bespoke psychological frameworks including our PEARL (engagement), THRIVE (wellbeing), and BELONG (diversity and inclusion) models. 

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