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Future of work

Prepare your people for the future of work

The old ways of working are gone and because everyone’s expectations have changed, your culture, behaviours and practices need to catch up quickly. Let us help transition your organisation to a future-proof working environment that succeeds by putting its people first.

future of work surveys, People Insight
“COVID-19 proved that people and organisations are capable of tremendous growth under the pressure of a crisis. The challenge for many will be to sustain that momentum to discover new ways to thrive in the long term, even as disruption constantly resets the path forward.”

2021 Deloitte global human capital trends

future of work surveys, People Insight

Download the SPRINT model for your future workplace research

Our SPRINT model for future of work surveys and change management surveys help you quickly gather insights from your stakeholders. As a result, you can create the shift in culture you need to succeed in the long term. From defining a strong purpose and communicating your values, to achieving goals without draining your leaders, we’ll help you take the right steps towards future success.

Download our whitepaper to learn how to create the ideal future environment to hit your objectives and let your people thrive.


The future is a marathon. Start with a SPRINT.

The future is a marathon start with a SPRINT

We are experts at designing research projects that get to the heart of your organisation’s needs. We’ll help to create new ways of working at a pace that enables both your organisation and your people to succeed. 

With the latest questioning, facilitation and crowdsourcing techniques, we know how to involve, consult and engage everyone in co-creating a better future of work.

SPRINT: Get insights and recommendations in just six weeks

SPRINT framework

Your future of work needs to start now. Our methodology is designed to be both in-depth and agile, delivered in six weeks and customised to your needs:

Phase 1: Understanding your organisation’s new needs and desired culture.

Phase 2: Qualitative and quantitative listening using techniques to unlock the lessons from recent experiences.

Phase 3: From a synthesis of these insights, we recommend the working practices, behaviours and routines required to realise your organisation’s new needs and aspirations, helping your people to thrive.

Why People Insight

Intuitive technology

Intuitive technology

Act with confidence using data-driven insights that are easy to understand, share and put into practice. Our engaging future of work surveys platform helps you and your teams take ownership of the change you need.

Practical expertise

Practical expertise

Create lasting change with support from our organisational psychologists. From employee survey design, stakeholder engagement and alignment, to action and behaviour change facilitation.

Continuous support

Continuous support

Our trusted team is always available to help you smooth the journey. From implementation to acting on the results, you are in safe hands for your future of work surveys.

Decisions underpinned by data

Decisions underpinned by data

Trust that your decisions are based on rigorous data, with every survey underpinned by frameworks including our organisational psychologist-designed PEARL and BELONG models.

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Whatever your needs, we’ll listen and explore how you can spark the right change in your organisation with our employee surveys, expertise and support.

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“It was time to break the impact of previous surveys. We chose People Insight because they could provide a flexible approach to engagement surveys and more meaningful, actionable data delivered quickly.”

São Gorgueira, Head of L&D and Engagement – A2Dominion

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Other Surveys

Diversity and inclusion

Consult your people about the inclusivity of your culture and analyse demographic data in line with GDPR compliance. Develop your D&I strategy with support from our organisational psychologists and track the impact of your initiatives over time.

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Discover how your employees feel throughout their journey from onboarding to exit – and why. Uncover the key drivers of intention to leave at each stage. See all your survey insights from entry to exit on one platform.

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Understand how energised, resilient, focussed and productive your people feel in the workplace, and what they need to flourish. Rapidly recognise any pockets of stress and concern in your organisation so you can act to create a healthier workplace.

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360° feedback

Help your leaders increase self-awareness, promote dialogue and improve working relationships. Choose from a ready to go tool or bespoke 360° feedback system with the level of support that’s right for you.

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Employee engagement

Create a culture where employees are productive, enthusiastic and committed to their work. Rapidly understand what drives loyalty. Pinpoint areas of the organisation where progress is held back. Learn how to turn this around with the platform’s Action Inspirations feature, and let our experts help you drive behavioural change.

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