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Fire and Rescue Services

Fire and Rescue Services face day-to-day challenges that are completely unique which needs to reflected in listening strategies.

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“The People Insight surveys provide a really useful vehicle for all staff to help shape the organisation for the better in the future. The long-term relationship with People Insight has created confidence in staff feeling able to be open with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.”

Mark Cashin, Chief Fire Officer, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

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Improve trust, grow inclusion and nurture leadership

With hands-on expertise in aiding Fire and Rescue Services, our team assists in devising an employee survey program aligned with your objectives. This program encompasses:

  1. Enhancing employee engagement and retention among full-time, on-call, and support staff.
  2. Cultivating an inclusive and diverse organisational culture.
  3. Integrating post-survey action strategies and behavioural adjustments.
  4. Nurturing upcoming leaders.
  5. Extracting valuable insights from demographic data to facilitate the recruitment of diverse talent.

Build an outstanding culture

The importance of improving values, culture and behaviour was highlighted in the 2019 HMICFRS report on England’s fire and rescue services.

At People Insight, our experts can help you create a culture of trust where staff feel listened to. Leaders can show what has changed in response to staff feedback with our ‘You said, we did’ framework. Join our clients like Derbyshire and Merseyside Fire & Rescue Services to see how our approach works.


“The things I particularly like about People Insight are the survey results dashboard, the opportunity to benchmark survey results to other Fire & Rescue Services and the clarity of the expert-led results and action presentation to senior leaders. The depth and visibility of the ‘key drivers for engagement’ analysis is instrumental when taking action in response to the results.”

Corina Beatson, Consultation & Evaluation Officer, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service

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“People Insight has supported us with the development and delivery of our employee surveys for 7 years. They provide detailed, confidential reporting and clear, concise presentation of the results for our Senior Leadership Team and managers. The team are always friendly and happy to help, to ensure that the survey is delivered on time with as little stress as possible.”

Phil Garrigan, Chief Fire Officer, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service

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How People Insight can help

PI platform

People Insight Platform

Our platform provides data-driven insights that are easy to understand, share, and act upon.

Become empowered to drive change effectively and take ownership of your transformation journey.

Practical expertise

Practical expertise

Create lasting change with support from our organisational psychologists.

From employee survey design, stakeholder engagement and alignment, to action and behaviour change facilitation.

Flexible support

Flexible support

Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or want us to take the reins, our platform equips you to create the ultimate survey.

No matter the support package you choose, our team stands ready as a dependable partner.

Decisons underpinned by data

Decisions underpinned by data

Trust that your decisions are based on rigorous data, with every survey underpinned by bespoke psychological frameworks including our PEARL (engagement), THRIVE (wellbeing), and BELONG (diversity and inclusion) models. 

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