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Employee engagement during COVID-19: Free question index

10 Apr 2020 - Blog, Covid-19

Employee engagement during COVID-19: Free question index

For most UK organisations, scaling remote working from a couple of days here and there to a 100% remote workforce in a matter of days has brought a heap of change and unfamiliarity.  

Employees are adjusting to a new way of working during COVID-19 and leaders are being faced with an unprecedented challenge. How can you support employees through something we’ve never experienced before?  

Individual circumstances will differ but everyone is facing personal disruption and worry, whether that’s juggling childcare and conference calls, or maintaining remote relationships with family and friends.  

Download question-set.

Now more than ever listening is vital so we can:  

  • Understand how we can help and support our people. 
  • Involve and empathise with colleagues showing that their opinion matters. 
  • Adapt to feedback and make our actions more effective. 

Our team of organisational psychologists have designed a free question index for use during COVID-19. There are 11 survey questions to help you assess employee engagement, wellbeing and remote working effectiveness. 

Using the question-set  

  1. As an ad-hoc survey:  

Copy and paste the question set into your existing platform to create a pulse survey and get a measure of how employees are feeling. NB you may wish to customise the language to suit the needs of your organisation.  

2. As part of your People Insight Survey:  

Consider adding these questions as an index or section in your current or next survey. Ask your Client Service Manager or speak to our team for help updating your question set. 

Listening in challenging times: 11 questions to ask your employees 

1. I’d describe {clientshort} as an organisation that cares for its people 
2. I understand the steps {clientshort} is taking to ensure my health and wellbeing at work
3. I understand the changes expected of me in the way I perform my work
4. Where I am currently working I have what I need to perform my job effectively
5. I know where to go to for support regarding my health, safety and wellbeing 
6. I am satisfied with the flexible working arrangements being made by the organisation
7. My manager makes an effort to keep in touch with me when I’m working from home
8. {clientshort} is doing a good job of maintaining services / production under the current circumstances
9. Open text: What else could we do to better support your health and wellbeing during these times?
10. Open text: What else could we do to better support you with any new working arrangements?
11. Open text: What are the biggest challenges you anticipate you will have in meeting your customers’  needs?

Download question-set.

Need help adapting the questions for your organisation? Need to turn your survey around quickly?  Get help from our team of experts.  

Employee engagement during Covid-19: More resources  

Looking for an employee survey at this time? 

To find out how People Insight can help you listen to your people during these unprecedented times, contact us here

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