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#EELearning: Employee Engagement Trends in Not for Profit

28 Apr 2016 - Blog, Events

Employee Engagement trends in not for profit



Our MD, Tom talked to members of the Employee Engagement Alliance this morning to share our insights into Employee Engagement in not for profit.

“As People Insight have carried out hundreds of projects in the not for profit sector, with organisations such as Barnardo’s, British Red Cross and Cancer Research UK, we’ve been able to gather robust and really interesting data,” says Tom.

“As we’d expect, powerful missions, and interesting challenging work drive engagement. What’s interesting too is that managers tend to show more appreciation, and people feel more valued and respected – something that we continuously see is an issue across all sectors.

“What surprised us was that employees express higher levels of satisfaction with pay and benefits than in the private sector, despite traditionally lower levels of pay, showing the effect of the mission.”


However, there are areas for improvement. It’s a challenge to bring the ongoing work and impact of the organisation alive in a meaningful way to all employees – including those in back-office functions, like IT, or Finance.

Generally, there are lessons to learn regarding providing employees with appropriate control over decision making, workload and flexible working.

“But the most surprising issue” says Tom, “is that intention to stay is lower in the not for profit sector.”


To see the slides from this morning’s presentation, click here.

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