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360 Feedback

Drive growth, deliver strategy

People Insight’s 360 feedback platform – helping you to align leadership behaviours with your desired culture and strategy.

Our platform integrates generative AI with human coaching to enable the creation of well-crafted personal development plans, driving meaningful growth and alignment within your leadership team.

“People Insight have provided us with 360 feedback surveys for several years. They have always provided us with a professional and efficient service, where nothing is ever too much of a problem to resolve. We have a great working relationship with People Insight and would recommend them.”

Lisa Le Gros, HR Service Centre Team Coordinator – Pladis

“Having a coach from People Insight spend some time with me certainly helped direct me in the right way, which has benefited my team and the company”

Senior Leader, Arrow Business Communication

Benefits 2

Benefits of 360 feedback

Multifaceted insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding from diverse viewpoints.

Reveal blind spots: Identify hidden areas for improvement and unlock untapped potential.

Tailored training: Receive targeted training to enhance performance and achieve excellence.

Boost collaboration: Amplify collaboration and teamwork through more transparent and collegiate feedback.

Create ownership: Enable personal accountability for learning and development.

AI Copilot 2

360 Copilot – AI at your fingertips

360 Copilot incorporates the latest generative AI that can summarise rater feedback, identify developmental areas, and even suggest actionable steps to address the feedback received.

The navigation of our platform is also designed to be straightforward and logical, allowing users to find exactly what they need with ease.

The attractive design and thoughtful layout make it enjoyable for users to navigate through feedback, encouraging deeper interaction with the content and facilitating a more productive assessment process.

Powered by people

We’re not just about the tech – whilst 360 Copilot provides a strong starting point for development, a human coach can help your team make sense of feedback within the broader context of their work environment and personal career goals.

Our consultants can bring a level of depth and nuance that AI alone cannot achieve, offering bespoke coaching tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each person or group. These coaching sessions are conveniently bookable directly within the platform.

How can our consultants help you?

Our consultants offer:

  • 1-2-1 coaching to support managers to interpret findings and develop action plans
  • Assistance in developing new values and behavioural frameworks
  • Psychometric assessments and feedback
  • Internal communications support to ensure your 360 feedback survey runs smoothly
  • 360 workshops for HR business partners and/or managers to introduce the 360 survey, support data interpretation and action planning
360 diagram 3

360 Ready to go

  • A rapidly deployed system, perfect for collecting feedback immediately.
  • Our 360 Ready-to-go tools are based on empirical research and practical experience.
  • Choose from frameworks for leaders, managers, or individual contributors.
  • Simply tell us who should begin a 360 review and when, and we handle the rest.
  • The process is quick: we can set up your managers on the system within a day, and they can receive a comprehensive feedback report in as little as a week.
  • Sign in with Microsoft single sign-on (SSO).

360 Custom

  • A tailored 360 experience designed around your organisation’s specific values and competencies.
  • We can upload your existing behavioural or competency framework to the tool, or our consultants can help you build one from scratch.
  • Flexible configuration supports 360, 180, and other multi-rater options.
  • Analysis of results and development needs based on key demographics relevant to your organisation, such as team, location, and gender.
  • In-platform booking for coaching sessions.
  • Sign in with Microsoft single sign-on (SSO).

Book a demo

Whatever your needs, we’ll listen and explore how you can spark the right change in your organisation with our 360 feedback surveys.

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