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Study reveals the secret to staff retention

6 Dec 2019 - Resource

What is the key to staff retention?

Staff retention has always been a human resources concern. The lower your rate of voluntary turnover, the more productive your organisation and the happier your workforce. The cost of recruiting new hires isn’t something to be overlooked. With the war for talent raging on and levels of unemployment at record lows, we need to take a deeper look at why employees choose to stay at their companies rather than jump ship for a competitor.

What matters most to modern employees? What is the single most important factor to keep in mind when designing staff retention strategies and evaluating employee engagement levels? At People Insight, we used our extensive database of employee survey results and conducted a statistical analysis that reveals the key to staff retention.

Our free white paper explores the results of this study.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Why staff retention is such a concern today
  • The key to staff retention — why employees stay with companies for the long-haul
  • Creative staff retention strategies put in place by modern organisations
  • Studies that support the importance of company purpose when it comes to retaining employees
  • Expert insights on the key to staff retention
  • A YouGov poll exploring how aligned modern employees are with their company’s purpose
  • Why younger generations are less engaged with company purpose than older generations
  • Advice on how to create a company purpose
  • Tips on how to communicate this purpose and get employees excited about fulfilling it

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