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Consultancy Services

Deliver and embed the change you want to see


You’ve gathered your workforce data via an employee survey, and analysed the results. It’s time to agree the changes you are going to make, and help your organisation make them happen.

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Expert Interpretation & Recommendations.

Through interactive presentations, our occupational psychologists and experienced consultants give you recommendations for action in the context of YOUR organisation. Suitable for board or division level, we help you move your audience to a fully committed, people-first approach.

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An Approach to Action Planning That Works.

Don’t let your good intentions for change fizzle out at the action planning stage. Our train the trainer workshops and toolkits help all your line managers become effective at planning and delivering change.

“Our teams have been really engaged in the process!”

Dawn Browne, Group Development Manager, Fuller’s.

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Stakeholder Focus Groups.

Unsure what changes to make to improve engagement? Need to crowd source ideas? Ideas for change generated in our facilitated sessions are more likely to stick as they’ve been up voted for by your people.

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Values & Competency Framework Development.

If you want to refresh your values, or create entirely new ones with your people to represent changes in strategy or culture, our occupational psychologists can help.

They can also help you develop the key competencies and behavioural frameworks to underpin your values, supporting your business to succeed.

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360° Feedback.

Help your team understand their strengths and development areas by gathering feedback from the people they interact with the most. With existing or customisable behavioural frameworks, our simple process and easy-to-understand reports mean you’ll be set up in minutes, and can start work straight away.

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Coaching & Psychometrics.

Whether as a result of a 360° feedback exercise, or for general leadership development, our occupational psychologists can support your managers with a variety of coaching and psychometric techniques, this will help them understand their behavioural preferences and styles, and make better use of their strengths, whilst addressing their development areas.

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Organisational Capability Assessment.

Our psychologists can use a range of activities to assess your peoples’ capabilities, including training needs analyses or other performance analyses. If there’s variation in how effective your managers are at engaging their teams and delivering performance, we can help you redefine and reinvigorate their job design to focus on the priority behaviours that matter.

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Wellbeing and Resilience.

Our employee surveys can be enhanced with additional metrics to measure key wellbeing measures such as burnout, stress, and general mental/physical health. This can highlight areas of risk for sickness absence, turnover, and performance issues.

We also offer a combination of resilience assessments and training workshops, to help employees understand their levels of resilience and give them techniques to boost it, reducing risks of burnout and other stress-related issues

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    People Insight stood out: they were able to guide, advise, and give us great insights into our business.

    Dawn Browne, Group Development Manager, Fuller's