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InHealth: Making Post-Survey Actions Stick

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Who are InHealth?

InHealth is the UK’s largest independent specialist diagnostics provider, with a legacy of over 30 years partnering with the NHS. With over 1600 staff across 850 locations nationwide, they provide essential services such as MRI, CT, X-ray and more, to over 4 million patients annually.

Rooted in their mission to “make healthcare better” InHealth understands that their success hinges on their people. This recognition drives their investment in employee engagement, an ethos championed by Zosia Hedges, Associate Director of Brand and Communications.

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InHealth’s Journey

The Pulse of Engagement

InHealth’s commitment to their staff is evident in their consistent year-on-year improvement in engagement scores. Over the past five years of collaboration with People Insight on surveys, this commitment has consistently translated into tangible progress.

In their most recent survey, InHealth achieved an impressive 79% staff engagement score, backed by a solid 67% response rate. With the aid of People Insight’s benchmarking data, it’s evident that these figures stand out across the healthcare sector.


InHealth’s Latest Employee Insights


would recommend InHealth


understand their role expectations


feel new team members are welcomed.


prioritise patient safety


have the information they need for their role


appreciate InHealth’s respect for individual differences

Actions Speak Louder

InHealth’s Proactive Approach

  • In-Depth Dashboard Analysis: Dedicated time is invested to a thorough examination of every data point within the People Insight results dashboard. This includes a meticulous analysis and categorisation of qualitative comments, with the aid of People Insight’s AI-based comment theming.
  • Executive Team Engagement: Immediate sharing of summarised results with the executive team to initiate insightful discussions and strategic planning.
  • Staff Partnership Forum: InHealth provides an inclusive platform for grassroots-level staff to voice opinions on the survey results, creating a culture of open communication and constructive feedback.
  • Empowering People Managers: People Managers are granted unrestricted access to data and the dashboard, enabling them to view insights from across the entire company, rather than just their respective teams. This approach aligns with InHealth’s open and transparent culture, whilst also fostering healthy internal competition. In addition, specialised training sessions are conducted to enhance managers’ ability to leverage the People Insight dashboard.
  • Action Planning Toolkit: The introduction of a toolkit and guidance system using a ‘Red, Amber, Green’ approach, empowering managers to create effective action plans tailored to their respective needs.
  • Integration into Business Reviews: Staff survey results play a pivotal role in InHealth’s bi-yearly People Business Review meetings, guiding leadership discussions pertaining to the progress of the People initiative.
  • Transparent Communication: Survey-related updates are seamlessly integrated into regular staff communications, cultivating transparency and trust within the organisation.
  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Focus: InHealth places special emphasis on analysing metrics related to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. This task is overseen by the ED&I champion, ensuring that inclusivity and diversity remain at the forefront of the InHealth mission.
  • Ongoing Review and Action: Zosia conducts fortnightly meetings with InHealth’s Chief People Officer and Head of Pay & Reward to ensure identified actions are consistently reviewed, progressed, and aligned with organisational goals.
  • Integration into Recruitment and Onboarding: Survey data is strategically utilised in recruitment materials to showcase InHealth’s commitment to employee welfare, reinforcing the company’s reputation as a people-centric organisation. New hires are provided with survey insights during the onboarding process, facilitating transparent integration into the InHealth community.

Turn Insights Into Impact

At InHealth, turning insights into tangible impact is a dynamic process led by Zosia, employing a tool known as the ‘Action Planning Wheel’. This interactive PDF empowers staff to explore specific areas of interest.

action wheel

The Action Wheel not only captures the collective sentiment of the workforce on a given theme, but also pairs it with related actions. It carefully distinguishes between initiatives that are already in motion and those earmarked for further exploration. Zosia’s comprehensive version spans the entire organisation, providing a solid framework for individual managers to craft team-specific iterations.

action wheel in action

Over the past five years, InHealth’s proactive approach has yielded a range of accomplishments. These include the successful launch of a mentoring programme, the implementation of a cost-of-living payment scheme, private medical insurance, extended annual leave for long-serving employees, technological upgrades, the promotion of over 100 team members and much more!

what inhealth has achieved from surveys

Learnings for Tomorrow

Zosia’s key reflections on their journey:

  1. Investing Time for Impact: Dedicating the right resources to your employee survey involves extensive pre-survey and post-survey work. However, the insights derived from the data make this investment worthwhile, ensuring it doesn’t go to waste.
  2. The Value of Quick Wins: Recognise that both small and large-scale actions contribute to enhanced engagement. Even if you consider something a minor change, it can yield substantial improvements, swiftly winning over staff and fortifying their engagement.
  3. Engage All Levels: From fresh recruits to senior leadership, involving all levels of the organisation is crucial. This top-down approach not only bolsters response rates but also lends authenticity and credibility to the survey process.
  4. Dynamic Questions: Adapting the survey questions to the current climate ensures that the data remains pertinent and actionable. This approach enriches the validity of the insights and leads to more meaningful post-survey strategies.
  5. Continuous Communication: Embed survey results into regular communication channels. By consistently sharing updates and tying them back to the survey outcomes, employee engagement remains a focal point of discussion.


InHealth’s journey serves as a testament to the power of proactively using survey results to drive positive change. Their experience demonstrates that investing in your team yields boundless returns. We extend our sincere gratitude to Zosia for generously sharing her invaluable insights with us, both in the webinar and in this case study!

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