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Employee Survey Technology

Surface and share insight from intuitive survey tech to improve employee experience, retention and performance.

Intuitive Survey Tech That Everyone Can Use

Our surveys are intuitive for respondents to use and the reporting dashboard makes it easy to surface insight. Managers can create instant results presentations with iDeck so they can share team findings immediately.

Easy To Take Part

  • Accessible everywhereEasy to complete on all browsers and hardware - even paper
  • Multi - languageFrom Arabic to Zulu
  • Simple question and response scalesUnderstand what you are being asked straight away
  • Real time response ratesSo you can focus action to increase participation
  • Reassuringly confidentialYour people can be frank, so you’ll be able to make effective changes
  • Helpdesk supportFrom our friendly team

Easy To Interpret Results Dashboard

  • Personalised dashboards for everyone from leaders to line managers
  • Search, analyse and group your comments to reveal insight
  • Built-in key driver analysis helps you focus on your priority action areas
  • Instantly add your actions to an interactive action plan
  • Compare everything: internally, externally, choose the benchmarks that suit you
  • Download your data to share or analyse in other systems
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Create Instant Results Presentations with iDeck

Introducing iDeck. iDeck takes the hassle out of sharing results. With the iDeck you can create multiple results presentations with the click of a button.
  • Empower your line managers to instantly create results presentations
  • Provides rapid access to key survey highlights
  • Gives managers a headstart for action planning
  • Exports to PowerPoint for further editing
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What People Say About Our Tech

  • Sally Dempsey

    Adviser, British Red Cross

    The dashboard capability gives us great value at the British Red Cross helping us understand our results. We can provide our people with exactly in the information they need when they need it.

  • Gisela Velterop

    L and D Manager, Murphy

    The online results dashboard is fantastic! Really user friendly.

  • Samantha White

    OD Programme Advisor, London South Bank University

    Having the iDeck frees me up from creating presentations for all our managers. I’ve got so much time back and our people feel empowered.

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    Should you be surveying during COVID-19?

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    Question-set: Diversity and Inclusion survey questions

    Diversity and Inclusion survey questions sample Diversity and Inclusion is a sensitive topic and something people feel very strongly about. Your D&I survey questions should be clear and actionable, highlight areas for improvement and reveal how different groups experience your workplace culture.  This mini question-set includes a sample of the quantitative and open-text survey questions […]

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