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Survey Instructions

The survey is divided into several sections. Most of these sections contain mandatory questions that must be answered before you can finish the survey, but there may also be questions that are optional.

Answering the survey questions

For the most part the survey contains statements to which you must choose an answer from a scale to indicate the extent to which you agree with the statement. For example, one statement might be: “I look forward to coming to work” and you can choose an answer from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” To do this you should use your mouse to tick the box that seems to be the most appropriate answer to each statement provided.

Other times you will be asked to choose from a list of answers in a drop down box or to provide your comments to an open question such as: “what do you suggest we can do about this issue?” In this instance, use your mouse to click into the box provided and type in your comments.

Navigating through the survey

You may browse through the survey by pressing the << and >> buttons at the bottom of each section. When you move between sections, your answers will be automatically saved.

The survey is set up so that you can close your web browser and answers in a partially completed survey will be saved. However please note that you must use the same computer to complete the survey.

Completing the survey

As you progress through the survey, you will need to have answered all of the mandatory questions before you can progress to the next section. Once all the mandatory questions have been answered, please check that you are happy with your final answers and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the last section to submit them to People Insight for analysis.

E-mail reminders to complete the survey

If we are using a pre-populated online survey link clicking the Submit button to submit your answers will tell ‘People Insight’ that you have finished. Until you do this, we will continue to send you reminder e-mails every so often until you do complete the survey and click the Submit button. You may have completed all of the questions – but unless you click the Submit button you will continue to get reminders from People Insight.

If we are using a generic online link, you will continue to receive reminders throughout the survey period as we have no way of knowing who has and who has not completed the survey. If you have completed the survey, then please ignore the reminders.

About your privacy and anonymity of your answers

You can read about what we do with your answers and about your anonymity in our Privacy Policy.

Reading these instructions again – If you have any problems or need to read these instructions again during the survey you can click on the INSTRUCTIONS button on the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen.