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The world needs more trees: People Insight partner with Eden Reforestation Projects

17 Feb 2021 -

We’re all becoming more conscious of our carbon footprint and the impact we have on the world around us. People Insight are committed to doing all we can to minimise the environmental impact of our work and help keep our planet healthy.  

Alongside making our operations more sustainable we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a not-for-profit on a mission to provide employment to impoverished communities by hiring them to plant, grow and guard forests on a huge scale.  

There are several ways that People Insight will be supporting Eden to plant new trees, restore healthy forests and address climate change.

Mangrove seedlings in Indonesia

Spreading the word about People Insight 

We’re delighted that so many of our clients recommend us to their network as a great survey partner to work with. One of our 2021 commitments is that every time a client refers a new prospect to us, we’ll plant 200 trees on their behalf. It’s our way of saying thanks for putting in a good word!  

Know someone we could help? Simply refer them to People Insight and ask them to mention your name. Your Client Services Manager will let you know once your contact has been in touch, and a donation has been made to plant some trees! 

Recognising our clients for their brilliant contributions 

Our client community kindly share their employee engagement journeys as case-studies or during our Learn & Share webinars. We’re delighted to be able to plant 200 trees as a thank you for each organisation that helps us out in this way.  

A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to our content so far. Keep an eye out for the next in our series of webinars and drop your Client Services Manager a note if you are interested in speaking at a future event.

Seedlings at Eden’s nursery in Haiti.

PI on the move 

During lockdown, the PI team have taken on the challenge of removing 600 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. People Insight are planting a tree for every mile our team run, walk, cycle or sledge over the next few weeks.  

We’re well on our way with over 1300 trees planted so far. That’s the equivalent of 400 tonnes of CO2 sequestered by these trees over their lifetime. Good effort team! 

What difference will our partnership make? 

Through our partnership with Eden, People Insight will be supporting the planting, growth and protection of mangrove trees at sites in Nepal, Mozambique, Madagascar, Indonesia, Kenya and Haiti. 

Mangrove trees are extremely efficient at removing carbon from the atmosphere and are one of the most effective tools we have in the fight against climate change.  

Eden also hire and train local people to plant and protect the forest areas. This employment provides a life-transforming wage to tens of thousands of people living in poverty. So, for every tree Eden plant they are also providing a sustainable income for people in the area. 

Eden employees in Nepal

We’re really excited about our new partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects and look forward to sharing more about it!  

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