Oliver Ballard


Oliver is an investigator of the human condition, he has an inbuilt curiosity towards the dynamics governing human relationships, which has existed within him since as far as he can remember. Oliver has an academic background in psychology and occupational psychology. He strives to discover new and interesting ways of applying psychology to help businesses respond to the market, through the use of the people factor.

Oliver’s MSc thesis investigated employee satisfaction, correlating it with autonomy (something we champion here at People Insight) as well as cohesiveness (or working relationships).
In his spare time Oliver enjoys reading, technical sciences (biology/physics), and the history and anthropology of the world. He plays the guitar, prefers the electric, and has a background in blues. He is into his gym and fitness, and works out four times a week.

Last but by no means least, he is a real people person, a complete social butterfly!

0203 1426511