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Switching survey provider: 6 steps to success

14 Feb 2020 - Blog

Switching survey provider: 6 steps to success

So you’re starting the search for a new survey provider. Maybe something isn’t working out, or you’re looking for a new approach. Whatever’s prompting your move our guide will highlight what you should ask, help you avoid common pitfalls and make the process as easy as can be.


We get it. A survey provider giving advice on which survey provider to choose might sound biased.

But stick with us. We know the survey business inside out.

We design and deliver programmes that improve the experience, retention and performance of tens of thousands of employees like yours across the public, private and not for profit sectors.

We hope you’ll find us to be the right fit for you. But whoever you choose, the prompts and tips in our guide will help make the process hassle-free.

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6 steps to success  

Follow these steps to make switching survey partner a breeze.  

  1. Don’t spend forever on it

A lot of people stick with their current provider to avoid the hassle of changing. Procurement processes vary, but rest assured that switching survey partner shouldn’t take ages. If you’re short of time, hone-in on the criteria that matters most. There are a lot of shiny features on offer but stay focused on what you (and your managers) will actually use.

Download our guide to find a typical timeline for choosing a new survey partner. 

2.  Focus on what matters most

Separate your ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-haves’ to be crystal clear on what you’re looking for from a new supplier. It will make the process smoother and reduce the chance of having to switch again in future. Think about what you expect from your partner and your survey tech, where your current partner is falling short and what you’re hoping to achieve by switching.

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3. Get to know your shortlist

Pad out your list of trusted providers by talking to peers, seeking recommendations on LinkedIn and doing a thorough Google search. Hold video calls or meetings with your shortlisted vendors to test out the tech, understand their offer and gauge the working relationship you’d have. If you can, speak to the people who will be running your project to get a sense of how you would get on day-to-day.

4. Discuss what to do with past survey data

You’ll probably want to compare survey results with what’s come before. It’s usual for survey providers to import historical data, so this shouldn’t hold things up. To ensure accuracy, look for a provider who will carefully map your old survey items onto your new question set. It’s best to talk to providers about this upfront to understand what’s possible.

Download our guide for more tips on survey data migration

5. Involve the right people

Engaging the right stakeholders early on will save a lot of headaches. Get procurement involved from the start, and check that the process is set-up to evaluate the features with the biggest impact for your team, i.e. flexible reporting or action planning support. Also check that your procurement criteria allows ‘like for like’ comparisons between partners. For example if you’re comparing costs to “run a survey”, has every provider included costs for helpdesk, benchmarking and reporting?

6. Choose your partner and set up your survey

Congratulations! You’ve made your choice of survey partner and now it’s time to run your first survey together. Your new partner will handle most of the set-up but set aside time to think about your survey comms, survey launch and post-survey strategy.


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