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Sayonara Blobby Men: The Employee Engagement Image

20 Jul 2016 - Blog, News

Sayonara Blobby Men: The Employee Engagement Image


Do a Google image search for employee engagement and this is probably the first image you’ll see. The 3D white people, so common in the noughties, today they look, well, a bit…naff.


Farewell, old friends

But this image has endured…. And at People Insight, we are proud to say we created it back in 2009 with Uber digital agency for our old website. Since then it’s been claimed and presented back to us countless times at conferences, on blog posts, even on competitor websites (our fault for not pursuing the image rights in our early professional days.)

However, since we’ve decided to rebrand, and give our website an entirely new look and feel, its time to say goodbye, hwyl, adios to Frank, Mary, Sebastian, Ned and Irene, as we replace them with something much, much, more exciting as our new brand and website launches later this month.

Here’s a sneak preview of our new engagement image:

People Insight Employee Engagement


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