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What is employee engagement and why does it matter?

1 Jul 2021 - Resource

Your business case for why engagement matters

Research has consistently shown that high levels of employee engagement go together with high business performance. Engaged employees are healthier, happier and more fulfilled. And on top of that, companies with engaged employees score significantly higher for customer satisfaction and retention.

On the other hand, when employees don’t feel engaged, valued and motivated they get less done, take more sick leave and look for jobs elsewhere. They can be sceptical about communication ‘from the top’, resist changes and are unlikely to contribute new ideas or improvements. While there should be no denying that engaging employees is important, sometimes you need to convince others within your organisation of its commercial value.

Our guide will help you define what engagement is and how to measure it effectively, and convince your stakeholders of the value of employee engagement for every part of your business.

In this guide:

  • The value of engagement
  • Proof points
  • Who is responsible for engagement?
  • What drives engagement?
  • How do employee surveys help?
  • Employee engagement examples


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