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SPRINT – a framework for your future of work

18 Jun 2021 - Resource

SPRINT: A framework for your future of work.

SPRINT has been developed by People Insight’s organisational psychologists to help organisations reflect on the pandemic and create a workplace fit for the future of work.

The events of 2020 have meant that changes to working practices that once might have taken years, were forced into the space of a few weeks. Organisations needed to implement changes at pace, whilst delivering on a set of promises to engage and include their people within a healthy workplace culture.

It has become clear that many employees have enjoyed working from home and would like to retain some flexibility to continue to do so. However, on-boarding, coaching, creative collaboration and mental wellbeing, for example, all continue to benefit from a degree of human, face to face interaction.

Design your future of work with SPRINT

Organisations need to act quickly to design their future workplace, implement changes and communicate these new ways of working to employees.

To enable this, SPRINT is an agile process that takes just 6-weeks. It combines future of work surveys with listening techniques and in-depth analysis to provide recommendations tailored to your organisation.

The benefits of SPRINT

  1. It empowers you to make fast decisions: SPRINT is a quick and agile process. It reflects the urgency for organisations to design their post-lockdown working arrangements. On top of that, uncertainty about changes can cause frustration, worry and unease for employees. Consulting them about their feelings and acting swiftly in response helps minimise this.
  2.  It equips you with in-depth analysis: Your organisation has some big decisions ahead. SPRINT provides you with evidence and insights so you can design new ways of working, confident that they will be right for your organisation.
  3.  It gives everyone a say: SPRINT consults people across your organisation, so they feel involved and engaged with the change that’s coming. People don’t want to go back to how it was before and may even look elsewhere if their working preferences aren’t met. SPRINT future of work surveys help you co-create a workplace where your people and your organisation can thrive.

Learn why SPRINT is the best future of work methodology


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