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Free Employee Survey Questions #3

7 Oct 2020 - Resource

Free Employee Survey questions #3: How do your employees feel about being back to work?

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve provided a series of free employee survey questions developed by our organisational psychologists, to help leaders consult their people and listen to their ideas and experiences, so that they can shape actions, responses, plans and communications accordingly.

At this next stage of Covid, with changing rules and restrictions,

This third question set in the series is designed to help leaders get feedback from their people concerning:

  1. The end of furlough
  2. Feeling safe in the workplace
  3. Longer term working from home
  4. Fairness between groups of employees
  5. Confidence in the future of the organisation
  6. How change is being managed
  7. What we should start stop, continue going forwards

Find our free question sets 1 and 2 here:

  1. Free question set 1: Employee Engagement during Covid
  2. Free question set 2: Returning to work during Covid

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