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Question-set: Diversity and Inclusion survey questions

9 Nov 2020 - Resource

Diversity and Inclusion survey questions sample

Diversity and Inclusion is a sensitive topic and something people feel very strongly about. Your D&I survey questions should be clear and actionable, highlight areas for improvement and reveal how different groups experience your workplace culture. 

This mini question-set includes a sample of the quantitative and open-text survey questions designed by our experts to assess D&I within organisations.  

Use this question-set to:  

  • Inform your D&I survey planning  
  • Learn how we address sensitive D&I questions  
  • Get your organisation ready to run a D&I survey  

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“A great partnership has been formed with People Insight as we worked with them to develop and roll out our first Diversity and Inclusion survey. This progressed to People Insight running Focus Groups with our employees to help further understand the results of the survey. Their insights and guidance have been invaluable in us being able to drive the agenda and have become a trusted supplier to us.”  HR Project Manager, Enstar Group 

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