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BELONG- a framework for diversity and inclusion

15 Jul 2021 - Resource

BELONG: An assessment framework to support your diversity and inclusion strategy.

There has been a growing case for organisations to prioritise creating diverse and inclusive workplaces where people of all backgrounds and identities are treated fairly and equally and can thrive.

Developed by organisational psychologists at People Insight, the BELONG model is a robust framework used to comprehensively assess D&I in the workplace, and forms the basis of D&I survey design.

The BELONG model covers the following themes:

  1. Belonging Do we have a culture of openness in which people can speak up and be themselves?
  2. Equity Does everyone have equal opportunity, feel valued and rewarded?
  3. Leadership Are senior leaders standing up for D&I and role modelling the right attitudes and behaviours?
  4. Opportunity Are people treated fairly and respected? Are we zero-tolerant?
  5. Normative Do we actively encourage/create diversity and have representation at all levels?
  6. Governance Are people complying, or do we have incidence of bullying, harassment, and discrimination? How are we at handling this?

Download the paper to find out more about how BELONG can help you assess D&I and take action. You’ll find out:

  • What to measure – and why
  • How to design a D&I survey programme
  • How People Insight can help

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