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A new approach to employee engagement at Stamford Endowed Schools

21 Apr 2021 - Resource

A new approach to employee engagement at Stamford Endowed Schools

The Stamford Endowed Schools (SES) are an independent school group made up of the Stamford Nursery School, Stamford Junior School, Stamford High School (girls) and Stamford School (boys) with a co-educational sixth form. Their 550 staff enjoy a supportive team environment with great colleagues amongst the teaching support, operations and professional services teams.

This case study examines:

  • How Stamford Endowed Schools (SES) use staff surveys to measure their ‘One Team’ approach
  • How SES took a more action-oriented approach to staff surveys with People Insight
  • How SES have seen significant increases across all of their employee engagement metrics and is building a ‘Great Place to Be’.

The outputs of our staff engagement surveys have given us so much more than a one dimensional data set. As well as the importance of knowing how our staff are feeling about their working life at Stamford, the results are influencing our strategic direction at many levels including our workforce, digital and IT, internal communications plans and our approach to the development of our diversity and inclusion commitment.

Will Phelan, Principal, Stamford Endowed Schools

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