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Meet our new team member, Charlene Thompson

30 Apr 2015 - News

Meet our new team member, Charlene Thompson, Account Manager


Charlene-2Charlene joined People Insight this week, as part of our growing account management team, and we are delighted to have her on board! I asked her a few questions so we can all get to know her better…


Why did you choose to join People Insight?

I’ve been in the organisational development industry for 9 years and wanted to continue in the profession but start at the beginning of the process. To develop and grow you have to get an accurate reading of where you stand and then move forward in the right direction. I chose People Insight because they have a solid history of providing organisations with the accurate information they need and helping them to set a course for action.

What is your impression so far?

 People Insight is a really good place to work. Everyone has been so welcoming, helpful and open. There is a lot of integrity here and it’s reflected in the quality of work produced.

 What is it about employee engagement that you find interesting?

 That there are still a lot of companies / industries that fear a survey reading as they believe it’s going to result in a demand for large and costly changes to be made immediately; in truth our clients have seen great success in altering the small day to day activities, like practising more frequent verbal recognition, for example. Surveys show a company what it is doing well and what it could do better. A company doesn’t need to experience complete upheaval in order to increase employee engagement; whilst a big change may be needed, being able to prioritise the changes are vital to efficient business success.

Why do you enjoy Account Management?

 I love people. It’s not just about managing the project and ticking boxes, I like getting to know my clients and the history of the company / organisation as well as where it’s going. Knowing that my management of the process plays a pivotal role in aiding the increase in employee engagement makes me feel like I’ve made a real difference.

What do you enjoy when you are not at work?

Socially I’m in a netball club that I really enjoy, I’m an avid Sci-Fi reader / watcher and am learning to salsa.

What’s the motto you like to live by?

Has to be “You don’t know what you don’t know” I’m not sure who originally said it. It reminds me to always keep an open mind with any situation, there is always more to learn.


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