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How can you empower managers to lead employee survey action planning?

9 Mar 2020 - Blog

Listening to your employees is a vital part of keeping them engaged; even more vital is realising your employee survey action plan. 

An effective employee survey action plan demonstrates to your people that you take their feedback seriously. We recently helped London South Bank University (LSBU) develop an employee survey programme to provide actionable insights and help them continue to attract and positively engage the best staff.  

LSBU operate as a group: the University, two technical academies and a further education college, so it was important that employee survey action was owned and delivered at a local level. 

Download the full case-study to discover how LSBU empowered local teams to lead employee survey action planning.

A quote from LSBU showing the success of their employee survey action plan

Engaging line managers, heads of department and senior leaders with employee survey action planning is a struggle for lots of organisations. Let’s walk through how LSBU did it.  

Communicating employee survey action plans at a local level  

LSBU used the iDeck, a feature of People Insight’s results dashboard, to quickly communicate results to teams and during meetings. The iDeck is an instant presentation generator that turns employee survey results into a PowerPoint deck.  

Said Sam, “The iDeck is such a time saver! My team no longer have to pull together countless presentations. Line managers can do it easily and get on with sharing results and action planning with their teams.”  

Find out how the iDeck can support your employee survey.

Whilst local communication and discussion of team results is key, it’s also important to communicate an organisation wide overview of the survey results. People Insight provided a visual results infographic for the LSBU staff intranet, which provides an at a glance overview of the key results quickly after the survey closes.  

Supporting leaders to sustain employee survey action

LSBU recognise the critical role of senior leaders in ensuring that findings from the survey are translated into real improvements across the organisation.  

People Insight partnered with the internal LSBU OD team to design and deliver a workshop for this key group. A range of sessions and activities combined to provide key insights from the survey, share best practices from inside and beyond the Group, actively engage senior leaders in the issues and brainstorm potential ways forward.  

It was a significant commitment of leadership time, but the workshop was well attended with very good participation, creating real insight and energy.  

See what happens at a leadership workshop 

A structured and strongly led employee survey action plan, revisited regularly  

Said Sam, “In the university sector, taking action at pace can be a challenge. However, where we are seeing increased local accountability, some great actions are happening.” 

In particular, the School of Applied Sciences focussed on 2 priority areas of engagement for improvement: leadership and inclusion – which have improved by 17 and 16 percentage points respectively.  

This has been achieved through a number of activities as illustrated below:  

Employee survey action planning activities that address inclusion and leadership.

Read more examples of action planning at LSBU 

Download the full case study here:  

LSBU case study thumbnail

How London South Bank University has developed local accountability for survey results.

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