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WEBINAR: Making your school staff surveys more meaningful

8 Jun 2021 -

Learn & Share for Schools & Colleges | 30th June | 11-12

School staff surveys help you understand how engaged your staff are, why and what you can do to improve things.

Your survey can help identify priority areas that are impacting staff engagement, and surveying over time means you can assess trends in how people feel.

However, more important than the act of surveying is taking action as a result. If staff don’t see that anything has changed as a result of their input, it’s worse than not asking in the first place!

Join our webinar for schools and colleges on 30th June to hear best practice ideas for turning your survey data into changes that help achieve your school/college’s goals.

Our expert speakers will be sharing how you can make school staff surveys a meaningful and engaging exercise, and use your survey data to improve the school experience for staff and students.

Your speakers

Jane Tidswell

Education Lead, People Insight 

Kay Rainsby

HR Director, Stamford Endowed Schools 

Oliver Davidson

Senior Consultant, People Insight

Webinar agenda

11:00JaneWhat is staff engagement and why does it matter?

How staff surveys inform school strategies

– Key lessons in how to act on results and make your school staff survey meaningful 
Stamford Endowed Schools: A fresh approach to staff engagement
11:25Jane & Kay
11:35Jane & Oliver 
– Best practice approach to post-survey planning

An action planning framework for your next staff survey

– Examples of meaningful improvements made after school staff surveys
11:50 Jane, Oliver & Kay

What you’ll learn

  • How staff surveys inform school strategies
  • What Stamford Endowed Schools’ fresh approach to their staff survey looks like 
  • How staff feedback helps Stamford Endowed Schools achieve key strategic objectives  
  • How Stamford Endowed Schools acted on their survey results to make positive change 
  • Best practice ideas for engaging staff with the survey process
  • An action planning framework for your next staff survey

“The outputs of our staff engagement surveys have given us so much more than a one dimensional data set.  As well as the importance of knowing how our staff are feeling about their working life at Stamford, the results are influencing our strategic direction including digital and IT, internal communications and our approach to diversity and inclusion.” 

Will Phelan, Principal, Stamford Endowed Schools.

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