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Linking Employee Feedback to Business Metrics

17 May 2016 - Blog, Events

Linking Employee Feedback to Business Metrics


People Insight’s MD Tom, was invited to talk with an audience of HR professionals on Friday at Qualtrics Live! The Employee Journey: How To Complement Your Employee Engagement.

He shared some examples of the work we have done recently with clients to link employee survey data to key business metrics. Said Tom;

“This analysis gives leaders and managers a clear focus of employee issues to improve to affect business priorities like profit, NPS and staff turnover.”


He argued that the most important issue, when starting an employee engagement programme, is to consider the organisation priorities that everyone cares about. What are the business objectives that you are working towards? Once you know this, you can plan to use your employee data to analyse how these objectives can be improved.

“Whilst trying to improve employee engagement for its own sake is all well and good, we have the capability to go beyond chasing engagement scores. We can look at how an improvement in engagement can impact specific business priorities in individual organisations” Tom said.


For example, for a large hospitality client, we looked at venues with a high NPS score vs those with a low score. Through statistical analysis, we were able to show which engagement drivers were stronger in high NPS venues, giving the low NPS venues key priority drivers to focus on:


Tom explained;”by integrating engagement surveys with your existing HR data, you can make links, patterns and predictions from your results and develop higher quality insights for your organisation.”

To see the slides from Friday’s presentation, click here.


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