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HR Analytics


More than just descriptive reporting.

The data-savvy HR Director needs to know more than just the top 10 scores, or how you benchmark against other organisations. You need evidence that reveals where change efforts will reap the most rewards on your business’s overall performance.

With People Insight Analytics, we can provide that hard evidence and answer your burning questions, such as:

  • Why is your best talent leaving you?
  • Which of your HR strategies are directly affecting customer service?
  • What is contributing to some outlets being more profitable than others?

We’ll identify key insights that you didn’t know before, with powerful evidence to convince your board. All survey results are communicated in a clear, actionable report.

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Types of Analysis

Key Driver Analysis.

Forecast which questions are likely to give you the greatest improvement in employee engagement.

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Types of Analysis

Deep Dive Data Mining.

Data mining analyses the data from within your survey to find new insights. For example, understanding specifically what drives your people’s intention to stay or leave.

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Types of Analysis

Linkage analysis.

Linkage analysis identifies possible correlations between your employee survey data and data from your HR and business systems, such as:

  • Customer Satisfaction (intention to recommend)
  • Operational Outcomes (quality or safety measures)
  • Financial Outcomes (revenue, gross margin)

It enables you to focus action where it’s most needed to get results.

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Types of Analysis

Deep Comments analysis.

Haven’t got time or resource to analyse your free-text comments in detail? We do it for you – not with algorithms; it’s done by real people. We then give you easily digestible reports, so you get a deeper understanding of the key issues.

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Who Does It?

Our team of experts.

Our team of Organisational Psychologists (led by Dr George Margrove, PhD) are experts at analysing your HR data to give you actionable insight for clear decision making.
Meet our team

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    People Insight also went a step further with the data analysis, and linked the survey results to our business performance metrics, “ says Dawn. “Things like showing us that team working and safety have the most impact on NPS, helps us know what should be prioritised to improve scores.”

    Dawn Browne, Group Development Manager, Fullers