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How to help your employees cope with Brexit

27 Jun 2016 - Blog, News

How to help your employees cope with Brexit

Photograph: Alamy

Photograph: Alamy

Brexit: it’s uncharted territory, unexpected by many, and creates newfound uncertainty among potentially affected workers. But governments, economists, investors, major businesses, and financial institutions have predicted that the economic impact could be profound, with significant reduction in commercial activity between the UK and the EU and shifts in currency markets.

At People Insight, we love this advice from CEB:

At this moment, communicators need to help their organisations’ employees make sense of this complex event and navigate a deeply uncertain environment.

Psychological research on stress tells us that when we encounter an unexpected change we immediately make two assessments:

  1. How much of a threat is this change to me personally?
  2. What resources can I bring to bear to cope with it?

If the threat exceeds our capability, we view the situation as too daunting and withdraw into ourselves. But if we believe there are things we can do to reduce the threat, we see the same situation as a challenge to be managed.

The lesson for communicators is to help our employees stay focused on what they can control – even, or especially, when the ground is shifting under their feet. Here are some general principles on how to do it:

  1. Keep your message simple and be open and honest in your communication.
  2. Focus your message on building self-confidence and prompting information seeking.
  3. Plan to serialize your communications as more information becomes available. Break large messages into chapters and communicate them to different audiences


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