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How to Build Employee Engagement

3 Sep 2012 - Blog

How to Build Employee Engagement


Staff surveys can help businesses understand what they need to do to improve their employee engagement plan. The UK bank Natwest tries to attract new staff on its website by claiming that they “promote a culture where you can share ideas, best practice and support your colleagues.” Staff survey results have shown that feeling valued is a key part of making someone feel part of a company. Natwest has clearly recognised the value of promoting its engagement philosophy of shared ideas and support as a key way of attracting the brightest staff into their ranks.

One of the mistakes that many businesses make regarding employing staff is the assumption that salary is the most important factor when it comes to comes to making successful appointments. Whilst income no doubt plays a significant role in an employee deciding whether to join or stay with a company, smaller factors do come in to play which are just as important.

According to Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tribe Inc, which is an internal communications agency in Atlanta (USA), people are increasingly caring about finding purpose in their work with “rewards beyond just their pay cheque and a day-to-day work environment.” Baskin suggests that employers should consider offering employees at least one or two staff benefits which catch the imagination. Here is a list of suggested benefits that you could introduce into your workplace:


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