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E V I D E N C E to help your business leaders prioritise the employee experience

10 Nov 2018 - Blog

E V I D E N C E to help your business leaders prioritise the employee experience (EX)

Employee experience is hot right now – but has your organisation been slow to get going? We share some of the latest evidence to help pique the interest of your CEO and CFO.


The world’s top performing organisations are the best at EX

It’s no accident that Jacob Morgan’s research shows the global top performing companies are top performers for EX. His Employee Experience Index ranks and scores 252 organisations around the world based on 17 variables across culture, technology, and the physical work space.




Globoforce/IBM – The financial impact of a positive EX

When ranking organisations by their employee experience, Globoforce/IBM [1] found:


In order to be in the top 25%, their research found that organisations need to makes sure their employee experience is strong on:

  • Meaningful work with purpose
  • Mastery and voice
  • Feedback, recognition, and growth
  • Good relationships & community
  • Organisational trust ( being responsible, acting with integrity)
  • Work-life balance

The good news is, at People Insight we can help you measure your employee experience – captured by the PEARL model which is the basis of our employee experience surveys – and then benchmark it against your peers. Get in touch and we’ll show you how!

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[1] The Employee Experience Index from Globoforce/IBM studied more than 22,000 workers globally to determine the impact of a positive employee experience on retention, discretionary effort, and performance.

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