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Engagement in hospitality #4: Are your staff aware of genuine career opportunities?

23 Jul 2014 - Blog

Engagement in hospitality #4: Are your staff aware of genuine career opportunities?

People Insight has teamed up with for the Best Employers in Hospitality Awards. Entry is now closed and the shortlist will be announced imminently.

Our aim is that the Awards showcase the best employers in terms of their approaches to engaging their people, and provide useful case studies and inspiration for others.

Here’s our fourth post in a series on how to be a best employer in hospitality.

Are your staff aware of genuine career opportunities?

Across all the companies we research, we find on average 6 out of 10 employees don’t know what career options are available to them. It’s not surprising therefore that they don’t feel their career aspirations are being met. This is one of the main reasons why employees become disengaged, stop giving their all, and leave for better opportunities elsewhere.

So what can you do about it? These 3 suggestions are not rocket science. They are small steps that are easy to carry out amongst other competing pressures, and help your people feel listened to, appreciated, and importantly – engaged.

Ask your employees what they would like to do next and in the future

This doesn’t have to be a complicated discussion, and your employee doesn’t have to have the next 10 years mapped out in detail. If your employees feel you have genuinely listened to their specific, near term goals and more general long term ambitions, they will feel better understood.

Share real example career paths & opportunities

Whether your employee knows what they want to do or not, it’s a good idea if they can pick people they admire within the business, so you can discuss real career journeys, and the development needed along the way. Concentrate on what they did and why they did it. Better still – ask them to speak with your employee directly, informally, to share their advice.

Make training opportunities happen

Amongst the hubbub of everyday activities, once you know where your people want to go, you can be conscious of any opportunities that arise, e.g. due to promotion, absence, maternity leave etc. Try role swaps, shadowing or buddying up. They don’t have to be difficult to implement – an hour here and there over the course of a few months makes employees feel valued and ready for a more long term opportunity when it presents itself.

Tom Debenham, MD People Insight

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