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Oh no, not the employee survey

2 Nov 2015 - Blog

Should I say my bit?

You’re knee deep in your usual weekly tasks, your boss has just asked you to get involved in another upcoming project, and all you want to do is take a break, satisfy your chocolate craving and grab a coffee. Your inbox pings as yet another email lands on your virtual doormat. It’s a reminder that the annual employee survey starts tomorrow. You wince. There’s so much you’d like to say, but with everything that’s going on you can’t imagine finding ten minutes to share your views.

The next morning you arrive at your desk to find a Kit Kat with a message stuck to it saying:

“Have a break, have your say!”

As the office starts filling up, you look around – everyone’s reaction is similar; ‘What’s this? Nice! Oh, go on then’ and amongst the banter you allow yourself time in the day to take that break. What a nice gesture…

A common story

Lack of time and perceived commitment to the employee survey are common stories in many organisations, but they needn’t be so. The feedback you receive from your engagement survey is vital for making a better workplace for your people, improving productivity and efficiency, and growing your organisation. By ‘creating a moment;’ giving your employees time to have their say, you are showing your commitment to the cause and increasing engagement even before the survey results are in!

Small gestures result in big rewards

Most people have something to say, but often there are barriers, perceived or real, to people sharing their views.

Now it’s unlikely that the Kit Kat would have the same impact year on year, but any small token of recognition can help to drive participation and give you that much-needed feedback from your people. Small incentives create a buzz around the survey process and, therefore, make it more memorable and engaging for everyone.

Rathbones’ results

The idea behind the Kit Kat initiative came from a Central London based Investment Company; Rathbones. They recognised their employees had busy schedules and that people may be wondering if they should take time out to give their views. By giving everyone encouragement and support to complete the survey, they received a fantastic response.

At the end of the survey, Rathbones had a whopping response rate of 85%! In fact, by the end of the first day it was nearly 40%! A fantastic result and a great example to anyone administering an employee engagement survey!


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