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What is the employee experience like at People Insight?

26 Feb 2019 - Blog

What is the employee experience like at People Insight?

I’m two months into my new role at People Insight and before I joined, one of my first questions was “Do we do what we recommend our clients should do?” If the children of cobblers have holes in their shoes, what’s the employee experience like at an employee experience specialist?

From my first interview to my first day, felt really special and very expected. Which is a good thing for everyone; getting the employee experience right from the start can improve retention rates by 52% and customer satisfaction by 53%[1]. So if you make a good impression, your employees are going to stick with you and your customers are going to be happier for it.

Lizzie Lucas

Lizzie Lucas joins the team as Content Marketing Manager


What did People Insight get right for me?



The interview process had two steps – a phone call, and face-to-face. Pretty standard stuff. Both went well, but to help me make up my mind I also got to chat to an employee privately about what it’s really like to work at People Insight, and to ask questions. “What’s important”, my manager-to-be said, “is that you get a real authentic impression of the business, without me trying to sell you the role.” The employee was a great ambassador for People Insight, and was really honest about the pros, and even cons of the company.


Talk between my manager and I didn’t stop between saying ‘yes’ to my new job and turning up on day one. In the months before I went to the Christmas party to meet everyone outside of the office, I got sent different webinars and articles to read up on and was given a day-by-day plan for my first week.

Starting a new job is tough; there are loads of questions and however nice your new team are you feel like you’re bugging them by always asking. From the point I stepped onboard I felt like I was already part of the team, that the company was excited to have me and that they’d put time and thought into what I’d need to know, have and do.

On day one I knew what to expect. There’s a lot of reading to do at the start but my first week balanced this with 1:1s with people across the business, introductions to our clients, demos of our platform, tasks for me to research and work on and regular catch-ups with my manager to ask questions, go through ideas and see how things were going. Plus I was handed a welcome kit with stationery, guides, brand bits and a keep-cup.

First few months:

I have a checklist of things I need to be shown or trained in for my role, and when those are all ticked-off I’m officially good to go!  We’re still carrying on with chats to check-in, I’m reassured I can ask questions or make mistakes. The lunches, drinks and social activities are still happening – it wasn’t just week one!

I’ve had the opportunity to share my first few accomplishments internally via Workplace, team meetings and chats, and had great feedback which has spurred me on.

Like any first moments, the employee experience at the start can really count towards how you view and rate where you work. It’s why one of the first projects I’m working on is how we can make our client experience sparkle from the first contact with us – so keep an eye out for exciting things to come!


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[1] Forbes, The True Cost of a Bad Hire – It’s More Than You Think

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