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Employee Engagement Surveys

Simple pulse surveys or full-scale bespoke employee engagement survey programmes to help you improve employee experience, retention and performance.

The Employee Engagement Survey Process

How to conduct employee engagement surveys

Every project starts with the question ‘What problem are you trying to solve?’

When we understand your key business issues, we can design your employee engagement survey and analysis to ensure we go beyond just the engagement score. By being aware of your overall objectives, we can discover priority action areas that will make a real difference to your organisation.

Measurement at the pace of change

Should you run employee engagement surveys annually? Monthly? Daily? We believe the golden rule is to measure at the pace you can make change happen in your organisation. Whatever you choose – we can make it happen.

Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Be confident that you are asking the right employee engagement questions; all our surveys are based on the PEARL model, so you can be sure of the robustmess in our approach.

Employee Engagement Survey Features

Tailored employee engagement surveys for your organisation

Aligned to organisation and employee priorities.

"For the last three years, we’ve enjoyed working with People Insight. This year, they’ve helped us to develop an entirely bespoke employee engagement programme, from questionnaire redesign, to scoring, to CRUK branded line manager scorecard reporting.

We are delighted with the outcome – a simpler questionnaire, clear ownership for each section of the survey results, and easy to digest reports that are really helping drive important conversations between managers and teams."
Chloe Miller, Employee Engagement Project Manager, Cancer Research UK

Pulse survey, annual, rotating sample or something else…

Survey at a frequency and depth to suit your organisation

"People Insight were brilliant in helping us design and launch a rolling monthly survey within a very tight timescale. The survey is very popular with our employees and managers, as it is simple to use, completely anonymous, and gives us the data we need to rapidly respond to feedback and drive engagement at our sites."
Claire Balmforth, Group HR Director, The Priory Group

Accessible & inclusive

Mobile, tablet, desktop, kiosk (even paper where necessary!) and

Real-time survey response rate

Compare it to previous engagement surveys, segment by demographics to see which employee groups need more encouragement

Simple question & response scales

Understand what you are being asked straight away

Reassuringly confidential

So your employees can be frank


Our employee engagement surveys can be delivered in any language

Based on the PEARL™ employee engagement model

New and improved with the most up to date thinking on employee engagement and wellbeing

Results Dashboard

Employee engagement survey Results and action plan

We provide personalised dashboards for everyone from leaders to line managers., so you can see what the key issues are straight away.

Need to share results with your team? iDeck takes the hassle out of sharing results. With the iDeck you can create multiple results presentations with the click of a button, giving managers a headstart for action planning.

Contact us to see a demo of our dashboard and the iDeck.


Focus on your key issues: built-in key driver analysis shows your priority action areas

Compare everything: internally, externally, historically – it's up to you

Search, analyse and group your comments by theme or department

Instantly add your actions to an interactive action plan

Share access by level – so your managers get the insights relevant to their teams

Download your data to share or analyse in other systems

Inspire your colleagues

Sharing Employee Engagement Survey Results

Inspire your colleagues withvideographics.

Our customisable videos and infographics help you share headline survey results and importantly what’s quickly going to happen next with your staff.