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Diversity and Inclusion Surveys

Understand the impact of your workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives, and how inclusive your people feel your culture is.

Why People Insight Diversity and Inclusion Surveys?

We know that it’s the right thing to do to have a diverse and inclusive culture in our societies and at work. Mckinsey provided the evidence in 2015 that organisations in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are likely to have 35% better financial returns than average in their industries. Diversity and Inclusion mean a broad talent pool, better talent retention and decision making that best represents our communities at large.

Our surveys help you to

  • Assess your burning employee questions across demographic groups so you can identify groups that need your attention
  • Evaluate inclusion: how your people feel about your culture and how they belong using our psychologist-developed Inclusion index
  • Understand sentiment: Dig deeper into your employees’ comments about why they feel the way they do
  • Establish inclusive, sensitive demographic data so all of your employees feel represented
  • Include protected characteristics so you can report employee survey results accurately
  • Explore intersectional data to help you promote equity in underrepresented groups

Understand the relationship between intention to stay, engagement, diversity and inclusion so you can act

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Organisations like Vinci and Brewin Dolphin, who champion diversity and inclusion chose People Insight to run their surveys, whose insights have enabled them to launch a range of initiatives.

Brewin Dolphin and Vinci are members or signatories for a number of D&I networks

Diversity and Inclusion Survey Questions

Our Experts Can:

  • Stand-alone D&I pulse or part of your engagement survey
    • Add a D&I index to your usual employee survey, or take a deeper dive with a stand-alone D&I assessment.

    Inclusion question index developed by occupational psychologists 

    • Choose from the core question set, ask our experts to adapt it to your language and themes, or we’ll develop a new questionnaire to nail your objectives. 

    Demographic groupings developed by occupational psychologists

    • We can advise you on the best groupings and labels to ensure everyone feels included and you can easily gain insights from the results.

    Fast and flexible D&I surveys

    • Real time actionable survey results in our easy to use dashboard so your organisation can rapidly respond to feedback.  

     Pivot between all your survey insights in one platform    

    • Assess your organisation’s health effortlessly including Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Managing Change, Wellbeing or other ad hoc surveys – all in one place. 

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Intuitive Survey Tech That Everyone Can Use

Our surveys are intuitive for respondents to use and the reporting dashboard makes it easy to surface insight. Managers can create instant results presentations with iDeck so they can share team findings immediately.

Easy To Take Part
Easy To Interpret Results
Instant Presentations with iDeck
'Inspirations' Learning Resource for Managers

What People Are Saying About Our D&I Surveys

  • Jo Mercer


    Fairness Inclusion and Respect is monitored through or ongoing employee surveys with People Insight.  Questions such as ‘Within VINCI we recognise, accept and value the diversity of all our employees’ and open – ended comments are tracked on an ongoing basis, looking for areas of strength and where improvements can be made

  • Tracey Gormley

    London Metropolitan University

    People Insight are very knowledgeable about the question sets and have really given us good advice.

  • Fiona Wallace

    Brewin Dolphin

    The best thing about working with People Insight is how well they know our organisation, and the expertise and support they provide. It’s a consultative approach where they make insightful observations and suggestions which are relevant to where we are. We’ve built a rich programme that keeps evolving with our needs. We would be happy to recommend People Insight!

Find out more about our Diversity and Inclusion Surveys

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