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Your data is safe with us! We have achieved the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard

11 Dec 2018 - Blog

We are proud to announce that we have now achieved the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard.


We know this isn’t the most exciting announcement, but we also know that data security is really, really important. So, here goes…


In the autumn, an independent assessment was conducted at People Insight by the leading certification body, Alcumus ISOQAR – and we passed!

ISO 27001 is designed to ensure an effective information security management system, using a continual improvement approach.

Certification requires we have rigorous, repeated external assessment and demands we meet high standards of risk management and security control on an ongoing basis. (Of course, this is what we expect of ourselves, and our clients expect of us.) The certification guarantees that all relevant networks are protected against any systemic vulnerabilities, keeping clients like you protected 24/7.


The security benefits to our clients are:

  • Assurance that important and confidential information is held securely.
  • An established culture of security.
  • Minimising risks and data breaches.
  • Achieving operational excellence – keeping errors at bay.

We also maintain robust businesses continuity and disaster recovery plans, forming the foundation from which we manage the security of our systems, staff and processes.

None of this could have been achieved without some outstanding work from our very own Richard McDonough. This man deserves all our cheers.


For more information from us, email us at or check out the International Standard Organisation’s website.


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