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Arresting news from the Met Police

6 Nov 2012 - Blog

Arresting news from the Met Police


Rather worryingly for those that live in London, only a third of Met Police staff would feel confident of getting a good service if they approached the force as a member of public.

This speaks to wider issues of dis-engagement within the Force as the Commissioner pushes through difficult reforms, and will make familiar and possibly uncomfortable reading for many others in the public sector.

Of course, private sector employers undergoing similar organisation change are not subject to the same levels of public scrutiny, and this type of survey data would be highly unlikely to make it into the public domain. You could argue that is a pity, from both a customer and employee perspective (current and prospective), but I know not everyone will agree!

A news summary of the latest Met Police employee survey can be found here:

Tom Debenham

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