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360° Feedback

360-degree surveys come with a whole host of benefits. They can increase self-awareness, promote dialogue and even improve working relationships. At People Insight, we can help you conduct an effective and meaningful 360 evaluation. Choose from Ready to Go or Custom services.

Our approach

Looking for a fast and easy-to-use 360° system?

Our qualified and experienced business psychologists have developed 360° appraisal packages based on easy-to-use technology to meet your needs and significantly improve your employee experience:

360° Ready to go

A rapidly deployed 360° feedback system — choose from three proven behavioural frameworks for leaders, managers or for those focused on employee engagement.

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360° Custom

For 360° feedback on your organisation’s specific behaviours or competencies, choose this bespoke system tailored to you.

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Our Services

360° Ready to go

Our 360° Ready to Go tools are based on three existing behavioural frameworks, developed based on empirical research and practical experience.

All you need to do is tell us why you would like to begin a 360° survey and when, and we’ll do the rest.

People Insight handles the administration for you, as well as setting up users, sending logins and providing comprehensive online and offline support. You can email or call us with any queries that you may have regarding the use of our tool or reports. Your admin login means you can monitor project completion to keep your people on track.



1Kouzes, J and Posner, B. The Leadership Challenge (2012)

360° Ready to go features

The 360 survey process is very quick — we can set your managers up on the system today, and they can expect to receive a fully comprehensive feedback report in as little as a week.


Easy to use 360° feedback software on all platforms.


Choose the question set that’s right for your organisation.


Set up in minutes and start work straight away.


Simply pay per project — no hidden extras.


Get administration, helpdesk and support from People Insight’s experts with a fast turnaround.


Read clear reports that help you draw meaningful and actionable insights.

360° Ready to go frameworks

360° Leader

Based on proven leadership behaviours, including:

• Strategic thinking
• Innovation
• Challenging performance
• Leading the way
• Influencing others
• Integrity and respect

360° Manager

Based on broad manager behaviours that help people thrive:

• Communication
• Managing performance
• Personal effectiveness
• Supporting/developing others
• Motivating others

360° Engage

Based on the People Insight PEARL™ model of engagement specifically to help your managers become experts at engaging their teams, 360° Engage:

• Encourages growth
• Provides line of sight
• Gives feedback and recognition
• Shows interest in the team
• Delegates and empowers

Our Services

360° Custom

If you are looking for 360° feedback on your organisation’s specific values or competencies, then 360° Custom is for you.

We upload your existing behavioural (or competency) framework to the tool, or our expert business psychologists can help you and your organisation build one from scratch.

We handle the administration, set up users, send logins and provide comprehensive online and offline support. You can email or call us with any queries that you may have about using the tool or reports. Your manager login means you can monitor project completion to keep your people on track.

360° Custom features


Easy to use 360° feedback software on all platforms.


Use your existing behavioural framework or develop one with People Insight.


Use your corporate logo to brand the system and reports.


Tailored functionality (e.g. minimum number of raters and types of raters).


Set-up, admin and helpdesk managed by People Insight’s experts as standard.


Analysis showing trends across your organisation and results by department.

Compare Features

Easy to use software
Administration helpdesk and support from People Insight’s experts
Clear reports generated instantly
Questions based on existing behavioural frameworks designed by People Insight’s business psychologists
Use your own existing behavioural framework and questions
Work with People Insight to develop new values, behavioural frameworks and questions
Use your corporate logo to brand the system and reports
Tailored functionality (e.g. minimum numbers and types of raters)
Simple per project fee
Set up fee + charge per project fee

Some of Our Clients

  • Quote

    People Insight have provided us with 360° feedback services since 2014. They have always provided us with a professional and efficient service, where nothing is ever too much of a problem to resolve. The account manager team are approachable, methodical and a delight to work with, as a result we have a great working relationship with People Insight, and would recommend them.

    Lisa Le Gros, HR Service Centre Team Coordinator and Julie Thomalla-Clensy, HR Service Centre Admin Agent, Pladis

Our Services


We’re not just about the tech — our experienced business psychologists and coaches can help you with the following:

Developing values and competency frameworks

If you need to develop new organisational values or competency frameworks from scratch to represent changes in strategy or culture, we can help. Our consultants have helped many of our clients establish the values, competencies and behaviours they need for their business to succeed.

Feedback facilitation

Getting feedback from a 360° survey has a big impact on the individual, so making sure it is delivered sensitively and constructively is essential. We have extensive experience of helping executives and managers interpret their 360° results, focus on the key issues and plan personal development activities effectively.

Coaching and psychometrics

Our qualified coaches can help your managers and leaders gain greater insight into their performance and work through development challenges. We use a range of psychometric and feedback tools such as Dimensions, WAVE, MBTI and 16PF to support a thorough one-to-one programme.