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People Insight has spent over 20 years measuring employee engagement across many UK businesses, helping them get the most out of their workforce. We run employee engagement surveys for many well-known UK organisations, big and small, across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
As a result of our help these companies have increased engagement, improved customer satisfaction, reduced staff turnover, increased attendance and enhanced the skills of leaders and managers. We are passionate about delivering the best possible survey service, to help you make a real difference to your organisation. We guide you through the process and show how data from our staff surveys can drive clear and fundamental change. Read what our clients have said about our employee engagement surveys.

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People Insight Peak Engagement Research with Cancer Research UK

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Running your first employee survey?

Need a new survey provider?

Need a new survey provider?

Running your first employee survey?
People Insight’s team of employee engagement experts will listen to your needs and advise the best survey approach to fit any budget.

Our specialist approach allows us to succeed with higher levels of employee engagement throughout many UK organisations, improving the productivity and happiness of the very people they employee. We have worked with some clients for years and others on one-off projects so we can tailor-make a package to suit the exact needs of your business. Most importantly, we are on hand to help every step of the way. After the survey has been undertaken we present the data and also assist on outlining measures to help combat any of the issues.

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Do you want to get more out of your staff surveys? Are you hoping for a bigger impact and a more cost-effective solution?

People Insight will listen to your needs and provide an engagement survey solution that helps you deliver real change, all at a competitive rate.

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M&G Investments
Cancer Research UK
Virgin Active

Why focus on employee engagement
Studies show that employees who are engaged with their place of work are more productive, less likely to leave the organisation and will take fewer sick days, ultimately generating more revenue whilst helping their organisation progress. They'll be far better advocates for their organisations than disengaged employees will, and will go the extra mile in terms of customer service and performance. If their talents are rewarded and recognised, for example, they'll become part of a highly productive and motivated workforce. Regularly measuring opinion in your organisation across a range of key issues will ensure you can keep track of how you are performing, and importantly indicate where you need to take action.
Diagnose employee engagement with our surveys
Once you have your engagement survey results you can begin action planning almost immediately. Ultimately, this ensures you can put measures in place to improve your employees’ level of engagement quickly, accurately and effectively.
Staff surveys from expert employee engagement consultants
People Insight specialise in employee engagement in the UK. We are committed to helping organisations of all kinds achieve the results they want. As expert employee engagement consultants we've spent 20 years creating solutions that will get the information you need to transform the way your organisation operates. Our staff surveys ensure you get useful, usable insights, allowing you to take action where it's most needed. We'll work with you throughout the process, from initial consultation and designing the questionnaire, through action planning to reviewing results, helping you devise the best possible staff survey to meet your individual requirements, whilst ensuring you know what to do with the results.
Flexible, affordable and results-led staff surveys
We don't believe in offering a one-size-fits-all employee survey solution to every client—each company is different and as such deserves individual attention. One of the benefits of working with people Insight is that our employee engagement consultants provide employee surveys to meet your organisation's unique requirements. We'll work with you to understand the culture, motivation and attitude of your workplace, and will devise the best possible employee engagement survey to suit those requirements. Our flexible approach ensures you'll be focused solely on the key issues that affect your company - while offering great value for money.
Achieve optimum performance with 360 degree feedback
We don't stop at employee surveys either, because when you come to us you can get an integrated package to support employee engagement including 360 degree feedback. 360 degree feedback is a step up from standard appraisals, being specifically developed for managers and leaders. 360 degree feedback is designed to offer an integrated and in-depth analysis of leadership development, to enable managers to improve their performance, and help them to progress in their leadership journey. A self-assessment is complemented by feedback given by direct reports, colleagues and peers – giving a comprehensive view of an individual's performance, and allowing them to honestly and clearly see where they're doing well, and where they may need to improve. 360 feedback can be an invaluable tool in the progression of your company, and with both custom-designed questions as well as ready-to-use templates being available you'll easily get the results you want. We offer solutions for all requirements - whether it's just one or two managers who want to undertake a 360 degree feedback project, or one or two thousand.

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